Transform 76

Smart Corridor Initiatives


  • Primary goal is to reduce rate of rear-end crashes
  • Operated in conjunction with Variable Speed Limits
  • Alerts drivers to traffic stoppages and changing road conditions

A queue detection and warning system will utilize existing and new Dynamic Message signs, covering 12 miles in Montgomery County, to post congestion and queue related warnings to motorists, and will operate in conjunction with VSL. The primary goal of queue detection/warning is to reduce the rate of rear-end crashes by alerting motorists that stopped vehicles are ahead, prompting drivers to slow down and be alert for traffic stoppages. Crash analysis along the I-76 corridor indicated that rear-end crashes, which were the majority of incident types reported, occurred at more than double the statewide average. This system will utilize vehicle detection technologies already deployed along I-76 to identify vehicle backups and automatically post messages to existing and new electronic message signs to alert motorists in real time.