Transform 76

Smart Corridor Initiatives


  • Improvements to multi-modal trails
  • Partnerships with SEPTA and other regional transportation agencies

The aim of this aspect of the project is to partner with SEPTA and other regional transportation agencies to promote transit, bicycle and pedestrian trips along the corridor. Initiatives being investigated and analyzed include integrating vehicle location and smart parking data at regional rail stations with PennDOT traveler information systems to notify motorists of transit opportunities via electronic message boards and connected vehicle technology as they travel on the expressway. In addition, SEPTA is examining service and station enhancements along the corridor. PennDOT will also coordinate with Montgomery County, the City of Philadelphia, and other agencies to seek opportunities to upgrade the Schuylkill River Trail and other multimodal trails along the corridor with improvements, such as better wayfinding, parking and lighting to make this mode a more attractive commuter option.