Transform 76

Smart Corridor Initiatives

Smart Corridor Initiatives

Using coordinated technology to:

  • Decrease congestion
  • Reduce crashes
  • Provide real-time roadway information to drivers


The main method by which PennDOT will be enhancing travel along the Interstate 76 (I-76) Schuylkill Expressway Corridor is through the use of a coordinated smart corridor system.

A smart corridor system integrates various sets of operating strategies and technologies to dynamically manage traffic. By continuously monitoring traffic and roadway conditions, smart corridor systems can rapidly respond to incidents and other traffic changes by sending updates via automated tools. These tools include variable speed limit signs, queue detection/warning, dynamic junction and lane use controls, adaptive ramp metering and traffic signal management. The use of electronic signs along the highway and at key intersecting corridors is a key element of smart corridor technologies. Typically lane-specific, the signs provide real-time information and guidance to the traveler regarding changing roadway and traffic conditions, allowing for dynamic speed harmonization and smoother transitions as vehicles approach areas of congestion, accidents, or weather-related issues. Additional strategies include flexible lane use and multimodal enhancements to provide temporary capacity enhancements during peak demand.

With the assistance of advanced technologies and cooperative strategies across multiple jurisdictional and agency boundaries, the traffic and transit operations of the I-76 Corridor will be optimized to:

  • Address persistent recurrent congestion along the corridor;
  • Reduce crashes, more specifically those related to rear-end collisions;
  • Better manage unbalanced traffic volumes; and
  • Better incentivize transit, bicycle and pedestrian trips throughout the corridor.

Smart corridor technologies have been successfully deployed on several American highways, but it is still a relatively new concept in the United States. The I-76 Corridor improvement program will draw upon these previous initiatives, as well as other proven examples from Europe, Asia, and Australia to tackle congestion and make the best use of existing road space.