Transform 76

Program Information

Program Areas

The program area includes the Interstate 76 (Schuylkill Expressway) Corridor from the Pennsylvania Turnpike to Belmont Avenue, mainly within Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Flex lanes are proposed for the western section of the program area, between the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate 476 (Blue Route), running eastbound and westbound, while the eastern section runs westbound only from US 1 (City Avenue)  to Belmont Avenue (see areas of purple on the map below). Flex Lanes are not currently being proposed in the section from I-476 to Belmont, however other smart corridor initiatives are being developed for deployment in this section. Various smart corridor technologies will be employed along these sections to decrease congestion, reduce crashes, and provide real-time roadway information to drivers.

Additionally, coordinated technologies will be employed along adjacent arterial roadways to manage traffic signals and harmonize traffic flow throughout the corridor (see areas of yellow on the map below). These adjacent roadways are located in Montgomery and Philadelphia counties and include Route 23 (Conshohocken State Road), Ridge Pike, Henry Avenue, US 202 (Dekalb Pike), and South Gulph Road.

As the program develops, additional details for each program area, including related smart corridor technologies and anticipated construction schedules specific to each program area will be updated on this page.